The Indigenous Youth Employment Program is designed to support students into viable career pathways.  Students may participate in part-time work while they’re still at school, undertake a School-based Traineeship during Year 11 and 12, or commence a post-school Apprenticeship or Traineeship when they finish Year 12. 

What CONNECT will do to support you:

  • Provide work-readiness workshops and support to prepare you for work
  • Identify part-time employment, Traineeship or Apprenticeship opportunities with a local     employer
  • Support you to balance work, TAFE, and keeping up with school assignments (for part-          time employment or School-based Traineeships)
  • Support you to adjust to full-time work if you commence a post-school Traineeship or            Apprenticeship
  • Provide ongoing mentoring to address any issues which may create obstacles for your          successful engagement with employment and training