The Indigenous Youth Employment Program is designed to support students into viable career pathways.  Students may participate in part-time work while they’re still at school, undertake a School-based Traineeship during Year 11 and 12, or commence a post-school Traineeship or Apprenticeship when they complete Year 12. 

What CONNECT will do to support employers:

  • Identify students who are work-ready and a good fit for part-time work, school-based            traineeships or apprenticeships
  • Organize work experience with prospective employers
  • Facilitate pre-employment training as necessary, such as White card, to prepare students     for the workplace
  • Ensure students and families understand the commitment and expectations involved in        the student’s employment
  • Maintain communication with employers, training providers, young people and their              families to ensure young employees are keeping up with their training and adjusting to        the work-place
  • Support employers and students to communicate effectively about any workplace issues     that may arise
  • Provide cultural-awareness training to employers as requested

What CONNECT will do to support young employees:

  • Provide work-readiness workshops and support to ensure young people are ready for          work
  • Provide ongoing mentoring to help young employees balance work and training and            address any issues which may create obstacles for successful engagement with                      employment

CONNECT Northern Rivers Inc. has 15 years’ experience providing structured work placement and managing career and transition programs for young people throughout the Northern Rivers region.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to know more about the Indigenous Youth Employment Program:

Paul Dooner - 0409 450 311       Jenny Morgan - 0407 229 479                

Funded by the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, Jobs Land and Economy Program Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet