Work placement is mandatory for all students enrolled in Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects in Years 11 and 12 at school or TAFE. Participating in the work placement program will allow you to assist in preparing young people for the workforce and provide meaningful workplace learning opportunities.

Learning in the workplace will enable students to:
  • progress towards the achievement of industry competencies
  • develop appropriate attitudes towards work
  • learn a range of behaviours appropriate to the industry
  • practice and apply skills acquired in the classroom or workshop
  • develop additional skills and knowledge

Hosting students allow you to:

  • participate in the education, career development, and vocational training of young
        people in your community
  • talk to students about your industry, career pathways and future directions
  • promote the attitudes and skills you want in your workforce
  • strengthen your links with the community and raise your business profile
  • increase the supervisory, training, and mentoring skills of your staff
  • give students knowledge of the value of work and raise the quality of those coming into
        your industry